The real estate sector is a fluctuating market that always seems to regulate itself and return high profits for everyone involved. It’s an attractive industry to work in because it’s flexible, challenging and presents tremendous growth opportunities.

Success in the real estate sector is never guaranteed; laying the groundwork and implementing the proper frameworks, systems, and culture is essential for growth and driving better results. Your team is the backbone of your real estate success, that’s why you need to make sure that all goals and expectations are properly communicated with your team members to give your company the best opportunities for success.

Here is everything you need to know to build your own real estate team in less than a year.

Hiring Your Team

The foundations of any good team are personality, traits, and skill. Building a team allows you to leverage the strong traits of each team member to reach your full potential. When hiring new real estate agents, several factors should be taken into consideration, that includes experience, a character that matches your culture, and a drive to be the best, which is a trademark in the real estate industry. 

Running Your Team

In general, the day-to-day activities of real estate agents are many, including hunting for prospects, scheduling open houses and going over administrative paperwork. Managing a team means monitoring the activities of everyone involved, and that can prove to be a challenge. Great managers resort to automation and communication tools to make sure that everything is running smoothly, on time, and according to the best practices.  Your job as a manager is to track and implement a scaling strategy that improves your output and builds on your team’s experience and skills. 

Preparing Your Budget

Strategic budgeting allows for a healthy financial standing leaving you to focus on team management. Implementing an accounting tool gives you a huge advantage in managing your finances since your success will ultimately come down to how strong of a budget you’ve created. Another thing you should take into consideration is that budgeting is a dynamic process that always needs to be monitored, you might have to switch finances from one department to another, and that’s fine, the important thing here is to align your budget with your business objectives and make sure it allows you to reach them. 

Meeting Sales Targets

The purpose of creating the right team is to facilitate the achievement of your real estate targets, and this is done through a combination of individual and group factors. Each team member needs to be motivated and hardworking to push through the challenges and seize the opportunities to hit the needed targets, and the team as a whole needs to have high morale, thrive under your leadership and be held accountable in this process. It is with these factors that your team will be hitting its targets and crystallizing its success in the long term.


Establishing a real estate team in under a year isn’t an impossible feat but it requires you to hire a great team, run your business smoothly, prepare a smart budget and follow best practices to meet your sales targets. This with hard-work, dedication and the right combination of elements will skyrocket your managerial real estate journey in no time.


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